Services for Students with Special Needs

Do not hesitate to contact us for an individual approach concerning your special needs.

Contact person :

Consulting hours :

Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Alternatively, at some other time after an arrangement

List of Digitized Books and an Access to them

Study Room and Services

The Study Room is equipped with a computer with an installed screen reader NVDA, Fine Reader, and Office 2019 with reading and dictation support. This computer is freely accessible, and it is possible to use it on your own. You can ask the Study Room attendant for help.

There are 245 digitized books available for students with a visual handicap. These books are accessible from the the Library website. We can digitize documents necessary for your studies and make them accessible using a screen reader. Students or teachers can request book digitalization. We will provide login information for access to the digitalized books after registration in the Library and signing a contract form that we will offer you in the Library.

After this registration, students are allowed to print all the materials which are related to their studies, for free.

You can find digitized documents in a special database of the Library catalogue or in the Teiresias portal provided by Masaryk University.

These documents are available only from this list .

We provide Loan services for students with physical disabilities in the Study Room of the Library.

You can find more information on CUNI page for Students with Special Needs.